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a digital stroking of the vagina, done in whelping bitches to stimulate contractions and straining.

Patient discussion about feathering

Q. can you be allergic to goose feathers?? do you get an allergic reaction even through the pillow cover??? If not- I don't know what it is but something in my bed is giving me a rash...

A. i had a similar problem. i just couldn't sleep in my bed and every day i changed one thing to see what is the cause. then i found that one of the pillows causes it and probably from dust mites. you can easily be allergic to goose feathers that can pass through the pillow cover. all you have to do is replace it and see if something changed.

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All of the three types of narrative interlace found in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings [LotR, to distinguish it from the movies] also characterize Alan Lee's illustrations for that text (Auger 2008).
Interlace has enormous potential to penetrate into the financial and banking sector giving an edge over its competitors in the region.
Interlace develops technologies for the treatment of common gynecological diseases.
2] + t([beta] - [alpha] + 2n (n + [beta] + 1))]/[(2n + [alpha] + [beta] + t)(2n + [alpha] + [beta] + 2)] interlace with the zeros of [P.
The Interlace is located on an elevated eight-hectare site, bounded by Alexandra Road and the Ayer Rajah Expressway, amidst the verdant Southern Ridges of Singapore.
Structural interlace involves "artificial order," or the arrangement of events out of chronological order or by moving back and forth between characters and events to articulate themes or otherwise achieve meaningful effects, associations, and comparisons (Leyerle 10).
The problem has typically been explored through two related topics: first, the tension between what is called the romance tendency to an inconclusive openness and evasiveness of structure, on the one hand, and, on the other, the epic drive to dosure; [11] and second, the technique of narrative interlace itself.
The system is designed with two tool areas: a teacher-controlled administrative system at the top of the ACTIVboard (which young students can't reach); and a student interlace at the bottom so young students can manipulate objects on the board.
The system gives all technical and non-technical district staff access to multiple data sources at the school and district levels through one interlace, which lets teachers, principals and administrators make decisions based on key data.
New computers and updated test interlace modules ensure that machine calibration and specific results are accurate.
The Accutherm portable monitoring system with optional RS-232 interlace allows recording of temperature readings and direct download to any PC, providing valuable data for analysis, according to the company.