interincisal angle

interincisal angle (in´tərinsī´zəl),

n the A-P angle made by the intersection of the long axis of the maxillary central incisor with the mandibular central incisor. Statistically, a normal angle is about 130°. A more acute angle may indicate a proclined incisor, and a more obtuse angle may indicate a retracted incisor.
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At the end of the treatment, deepbite, incisor inclinations and interincisal angle were corrected, and Class II molar relationship with good intercuspation was achieved.
Overbite and interincisal angles were overcorrected to provide retention of the deepbite.
The angles to be analyzed were: the nasolabial angle, formed by the nose columnela and the nasolabial projection; the interincisal angle conformed by the upper and lower incisors; the mentolabial groove depth, that gave the length of depth between the lower lip and the chin; and the mandibular plane angle, which divide the sample, due to its degree of divergence with Frankfort's plane, into brachycephalic ([greater than or equal to] 25[degrees]), mesocephalic ([greater than or equal to] 30[degrees]) and dolichocephalic ([greater than or equal to] 35[degrees]) (Fig.
We agree with the authors, as our studies showed differences in most of the data obtained; the facial growth and their characteristics directly influence on the proportions of the head, as seen in the results showed between brachycephalic and dolichocephalic, as well as mesocephalic and dolichocephalic, in measures of the interincisal angle, lower lip to E-line (p<0.
1,5,33) When vertical overbite is reduced by vestibularization, the incisors' position and the interincisal angle must be kept at limits that allow balance of perioral muscles and the tongue, so that movement stability would not be threaten.
We also found significant differences in the values of the interincisal angle (p[less than]0.
The interincisal angle is a reflection of upper and lower incisor inclination and thus increases in case of retroclined incisors.
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