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Relating to an interface.
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El trabajo que a continuacion se presenta tiene por objeto el estudio del efecto de la concentracion de una disolucion de surfactante no ionico (Triton X-100) en agua sobre la tension interfacial transitoria en diversos alcanos, tales como hexano, heptano, octano, decano, undecano y dodecano, mediante la Tecnica de la Gota Colgante (Fuentes y Lopez de Ramos, 2001).
Source: Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology, IGB, www.
TEXAS-500 interfacial tensiometer, made in America.
These three techniques have been widely used to approximate the interfacial shear strength of fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composites using a model composite.
c] the density of the continuous phase, [DELTA][rho] the density difference between the continuous and dispersed phase, [sigma] the interfacial tension, and D an equivalent drop diameter.
Elementis Specialties supplies rheological additives, defoamers, interfacial tension modifiers, waxes and dispersants for all major printing processes including flexo, offset, gravure and screen printing.
To develop PCC for this purpose, spherical hollow particles of calcium carbonate were successfully obtained by the interfacial reaction method at high yields.
This product is useful for assessing interfacial stresses that occur at gasketed and flanged interfaces, in any bolted joint or clamp, in lamination presses, in roller systems and in heat sealers, during welding, in materials testing and from impact forces.
It was established that the liquid-liquid phase ozonation process may be described as a surface reaction occurring near the interfacial contact area.
Knowing the interfacial structure, we could select glue molecules that fit across the interface like pieces in a jigsaw," Davey says.
based upon extensive archival research, The Challenge of Interfacial Unionism explores the development of interracial unionism in the Birmingham district of Alabama and rejects scholarly inquiries into "relations between black and white workers as either harmonious or antagonistic" (p.
The effect of the polyethylene structure on the interfacial tension for polyethylene-polypropylene blends is the focus of this article.

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