interdisciplinary team

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a group of people or units organized to do a task together.
interdisciplinary team a group of health care professionals from diverse fields who work in a coordinated fashion toward a common goal for the patient.
intraprofessional team a team of professionals who are all from the same profession, such as three physical therapists collaborating on the same case.
multidisciplinary team a team of professionals including representatives of different disciplines who coordinate the contributions of each profession, which are not considered to overlap, in order to improve patient care.
rehabilitation team the individuals involved in establishing a plan and goals for the achievement of a patient's maximum potential. The composition of the team will vary depending on the nature of the patient's problems; the patient is always included as a member of the rehabilitation team.
transdisciplinary team a team composed of members of a number of different professions cooperating across disciplines to improve patient care through practice or research.

in·ter·dis·ci·pli·nar·y team

(intĕr-disi-pli-nar-ē tēm)
Group of dental professionals from various specialty disciplines who combine their expertise and resources to provide care.

interdisciplinary team,

n a group that consists of specialists from several fields combining skills and resources to present guidance and information.
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Three reports from the meeting showed how facilities are using interdisciplinary teams to comply with Federal Health Regulations for Long-Term Care Facilities rule 329 (F-Tag 329), which mandates that "each resident's medication regimen must be free from unnecessary drugs," and to comply with state regulations such as California's State Operations Manual Appendix PP, which requires consideration of gradual dose reductions to avoid unnecessary medications.
MacKenzie and Shapiro (1986), writing about working with adolescents showing symptoms of anorexia, offered a useful differentiation of the relevant disciplines and various knowledge and communication elements of an interdisciplinary team [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
While most middle level schools still use some type of grouping practice, 88 percent assign students to heterogeneous interdisciplinary teams (Valentine et al.
4) Findings, based on 80 hours of interviewing and 80 hours of participant observation, revealed that interdisciplinary team members resolved their concern for meeting client service needs using the process of "pluralistic dialoguing".
Professional knowledge sharing among interdisciplinary team teachers: A study of intra-team mentoring.
The interdisciplinary team wanted to implement some interventions that would channel the wandering energy in a positive way.
Typically, the PACE interdisciplinary team is housed in an adult day health center and sees the patients (called participants) several times a week.
Residents with behavior problems, as identified by the interdisciplinary team, were the first to receive a psychiatric evaluation.
About University of Bristol: The Advanced Composites Centre for Innovation and Science at the University of Bristol brings together an interdisciplinary team of more than 50 researchers working on the science, engineering and application of fibre reinforced composite materials and structures.
That tool would require interdisciplinary team and family involvement, and would allow us to develop a "contract of care" that identifies our residents' expectations of us and ours of them.
Manatt Health Solutions' interdisciplinary team provides strategic and business advice, policy analysis, project implementation, and coalition building and advocacy services to clients in the areas health care access and coverage, health care financing and reimbursement and health information technology.
In caring for a more complex type of patient, the interdisciplinary team has moved to the forefront.

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