interdigital cleft

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interdigital cleft

space between digits (toes and fingers)


a fissure or longitudinal opening, especially one occurring during embryonic development.

branchial c's
the slit-like openings in the gills of fish between the branchial arches; also, the homologous branchial grooves between the branchial arches of mammalian embryos.
cleft chin
occasionally seen in cattle particularly Herefords. There is a notch at the mandibular symphysis and the central incisors may be directed centrally.
frog cleft
the sagittal cleft in the frog of the horse's foot.
glottic cleft
entrance to the larynx; called also rima glottidis.
infundibular cleft
common opening of the auditory tubes in birds.
interdigital cleft
separates the hooves.
cleft lip
a defect in fusion between the central prolabium and one or both lateral mesodermal masses. Most common in dogs of the brachycephalic breeds; may be inherited or caused by environmental factors. Often combined with defects in the palate. Called also primary cleft palate, harelip, cheiloschisis.
Congenital fissure, or split, may involve the hard or soft palate. A common cause of nasal regurgitation in neonates, especially foals. Known to be inherited in some breeds of cattle and dogs, particularly brachycephalic breeds. Called also secondary cleft palate, palatoschisis.
Enlarge picture
Cleft lip (harelip) in a calf. By permission from Blowey RW, Weaver AD, Diseases and Disorders of Cattle, Mosby, 1997
cleft palate
see cleft lip (above). Also occurs commonly in diseases manifest with arthrogryposis, both hereditary as in Charolais cattle and with lupine-induced crooked calf.
Rathke cleft
see rathke's pouch.
cleft tongue
the anterior portion is divided by a longitudinal cleft.