interdental papilla

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gingival papilla

thickening (seen as an elevation) of the gingiva that fills the interproximal space between two adjacent teeth.

in·ter·den·tal pa·pil·la

(in'tĕr-den'tăl pă-pil'ă)
The gingiva that fills the interproximal space between two adjacent teeth.

interdental papilla

The triangular part of the gingivae that fills the area between adjacent teeth. The papilla includes free gingiva and attached gingiva and projections seen from the lingual, buccal, or labial sides of the tooth. Synonym: interproximal papilla
See also: papilla

gin·gi·val pa·pil·la

(jinji-văl pă-pilă) [TA]
Thickening (seen as an elevation) of gingiva that fills interproximal space between two adjacent teeth.
Synonym(s): gingival septum, interdental papilla, interproximal papilla.
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8) Interdental papilla augmentation along with reconstruction of interdental bone to create appropriate support for gingival papilla has also been reported.
CONCLUSION: This novel surgical procedure combined the use of semilunar incision and platelet rich fibrin for augmenting the lost interdental papilla in the anterior esthetic zone.
Surgical Reconstruction of the Interdental Papilla.
Surgical Reconstruction of Interdental Papilla Using an Interposed Subepithelial Connective Tissue Graft: A Case Report.
RESTORING AN IDEAL CONTACT: An intact, firm proximal contact relationships prevents the forceful wedging of food inter-proximally Protect interdental papilla.
Bokenkamp in 19944 has given score for gingival enlargement as Grade O--No sign of gingival enlargement, Grade I--Enlargement confined to interdental papilla, Grade II--Involves papillae and marginal gingiva, Grade III--Enlargement covers % or more of the crown.
When the lesion is found on the attached gingiva, in the areas of gingival sulcus or interdental papilla, it is known as peripheral fibroma.
The attached gingiva and interdental papilla were anesthetized using xylonor spray (lignocaine 15.
Since this procedure includes the complete removal of the frenum, a common complication encountered with this technique is the undesireable loss of interdental papilla.