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interconnectedness (inˈ·ter·k·nekˑ·ted·nes),

n idea that all objects are connected; therefore a change in the state of one produces change in the rest.
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Squeezing the latency from Ethernet has meant efforts by both the standards bodies and by vendors that have attacked both the network end points and the interconnect switch.
Potentially, this relationship gives the new interconnect a good chance of success in the networking and communications sectors where PowerPC chips are the chosen processors.
Our program has expanded with premier customers and service provider partners to help accelerate IP interconnects and VoIP peering," commented Mario Oliveira, Acme Packet's vice president, business development.
Telarix is pleased to work with Golden Telecom as they continue to expand their interconnect operations and service offerings," said Telarix CEO Don Lynch.
Services include PSTN termination or origination, IP transit, VoIP interconnect exchanges, neutral registry services, regulatory services (i.
Followap's Interconnect Hub, is expected to significantly boost our customers messaging traffic and revenues and supports the GSM Association's initiative to provide users with "ubiquitous IM" services," concluded Brown.
USA, is the leading supplier of PCI Express and other standard I/O interconnect silicon to the communications, server, storage, embedded-control, and consumer industries.
The SonicsMX(R) SMART Interconnect solution, the company's flagship product, contains a full set of advanced fabric features and data flow services, as dictated by the requirements of high-end or performance SoC designs.
We expect all segments of the interconnect market to see growth, with InfiniBand-based interconnects showing the strongest growth numbers (47.
The issuance of this patent reaffirms our leadership in providing service providers with pioneering solutions to address their interconnect and settlement challenges," said Don Lynch, CEO of Telarix.
the leading provider of Interconnect Business Optimization (IBO) and settlement solutions for content providers, IP service providers and global fixed and mobile operators, today announced its latest initiative to deliver next generation interconnect business optimization solutions with the launch of its Technology Alliance Partner Program.
Newest MoBL(TM) Devices Offer the High Throughput, Low Power and Small Footprint Required of Interconnect Solutions in 3G/3.

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