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1. To furnish a rational structure or meaning for.
2. To engage in intellectualization.
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The next two chapters are devoted to the political exploitation by Presidents Azhari and Nimerie of the process of decolonialization of the judiciary so that the law of the land reverted to the Shari'a but with a definite bias against the indigenous volk Islamic law in favor of the intellectualized Shari'a.
Political theory, feminism, cultural criticism--these made me feel engaged in an abstract, intellectualized way, which was admittedly the only way I knew to be engaged.
Edward Margolies sees Cross Damon as little more than "an intellectualized Bigger" (120) in a failed novel.
These are experiences that transform; they can't just be intellectualized," said Nelson, author of To Dance With God (Paulist, 1986), about the use of ritual in family and community life.
Alison Krauss sound-alike Aoife O'Donovan leads her string band through a checklist of public-domain mainstays (``Little Sadie,'' ``Railroad Bill'') and folksily familiar enough might-as-well-be's (Robert Johnson's ``Come on in My Kitchen,'' Bob Dylan's ``Oxford Town''), giving them offbeat and cannily intellectualized new interpretations.
Here is our error: an intellectualized refusal to recognize and admit into our ontological equations the splendors of existence, entangled as they may be in the violent energies of being's beauty.
A decision needs to be made whether the course will be taught in an intellectualized and safe manner or whether one will bear with and push through discomfort and resistance in order to achieve learning at a significant and meaningful level.
The authors prefer his comedies to the comical satires, which "sacrifice structure to portraiture" (43), producing a more static, intellectualized kind of drama.
The difference between those who believe in the supernatural and a God who created heaven and earth -- and those who have intellectualized a body of work beyond recognition -- is faith.
I did not get worked up about intellectualized ideas for which I had no formula.
For the gay philosophers among us, Andrew Sullivan's intellectualized paean to friendship, Love Undetectable (Knopf, $23), fared best on the East Coast.
Increasingly, the focus of "progressive" energies is not on elaborate policy analysis but rather on obscure, intellectualized, free-floating hostility toward existing institutions.