integrated health care

integrated health care,

n healthcare services combining the best of conventional and complementary health care.
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It was constructed and is maintained by a project team (Benjamin Miller, PsyD, Garrett Moran, PhD, and Deborah Cohen, PhD), who are advised by the National Integration Academy Council, which is a group of integrated health care experts that help direct strategic initiatives.
Much of the funding was directed at reversing the obesity epidemic in adults and children, promoting racial and ethnic health equity and advancing integrated health care and care coordination.
This report contains papers on the elements, concerns, and problems inherent in integrated health care systems.
Integrated health care is the systematic coordination of physical and behavioral health services.
Organized in 1994 as an integrated health care delivery system, FHN is comprised of FHN Memorial Hospital, Freeport Clinic, the Leonard C.
It just does not make sense to ignore the nation's largest integrated health care network and the millions of veterans it serves each year.
The clinic has partnered with Integrated Health Care Solutions of Ridgeland, MS with their advanced Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software "PrognoSYS" in an effort to increase both patient satisfaction and quality care for the patients that use the clinic.
AtlantiCare has been ranked among the nation's top 100 integrated health care systems by Hospitals and Health Networks magazine.
Roswell serves as the chief executive officer for the Veterans Health Administration and is responsible for the operation of the nation's largest integrated health care system.
Integrated Health Care Solutions (IHCS), a provider of Electronic Medial Records (EMR) software announced today that SunShine Medial Clinic, of Canton and Carthage, Mississippi, has implemented its advanced Electronic Medial Records (EMR) software, PrognoSYS for both of their clinics.
Goldsmith also attributes the popularity of integrated health care systems to health care executives and, to a lesser extent, physicians, who view integration as a way to stifle the tension between insurance, physician services, and hospital care.
Erickson Health(SM) is the nation's largest integrated health care and wellness system for older adults, consisting of an array of healthcare and wellness services integrated within each Erickson community, including resident staff geriatricians and specialized activities to help residents stay healthy and fit.

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