intake and output

in·take and out·put

(I&O) (intāk owtput)
Notations on a patient's hospital chart showing how much liquid was consumed and how much was eliminated as urine.

intake and output


I and O

Measurement of a patient's fluid intake by mouth, feeding tubes, or intravenous catheters and output from kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, drainage tubes, and wounds. Accurate 24-hr measurement and recording is an essential part of patient assessment.
See: Intake and Output
References in classic literature ?
Without movement he lay on his back, and he could hear, slowly drawing near and nearer, the wheezing intake and output of the sick wolf's breath.
It includes taking blood samples, blood cultures and other relevant specimens, giving antibiotics, intravenous fluids and oxygen and close monitoring of vital signs and fluid intake and output to be able to assess progress and severity of sepsis.
Accuracy of intake and output (I&O) records is a key pitfall for this QI when it comes to MDS coding.
And if you're not aware when family and friends give fluids, it alters the assessment of intake and output.
Specifically, OB TraceVue newborn records include flowsheets and forms for nursery charting including vital signs, medication administration, intake and output of fluids, lab results, therapies, and critical events.
It gives users snapshots of consolidated clinical data via a flowsheet display of vital signs, intake and output weights, medications, and results.
By integrating clinical data entry and review, nursing and medical staff can easily tie together medications and vitals, or intake and output, for improved decision making.
Using the handheld pktRounds software technology and a Palm-compatible handheld, clinicians can download and display selected Patient1 CPR information, such as general patient, lab and documented medication data, vital signs, and intake and output information by shift.
This is a unique nutritional formulation, promoting sustainable long-term bodily weight-control through balanced energy intake and output, 24 hours a day.
SuperGen believes that RF 1051 plays a role in the intake and output of energy, rather than relying on appetite suppression or the stimulation of increased metabolic activity.