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1. Not sufficient.
2. Incapable of proper functioning.
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While substantial compliance may be sufficient for complying with regulatory requirements, it may be insufficient for purposes of complying with statutory requirements.
He said : "It is my view there is insufficient evidence as to racing in this matter to be applied to these two defendants and therefore there is an insufficient case to go further against Mr Boyd on either count and insufficient evidence to go further against Mr Shaddick on the count of dangerous driving.
Messinger feels that the community policing program, because of insufficient training and follow through, has not yet reached its full potential.
The bank is authorized to draw upon the LOC if developer payments under the standby contribution agreements are insufficient or in other specific circumstances.
Today, we have been informed by the CPS that there is insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction in this case.
The court found the information provided on the Forms 1099-MISC filed by the taxpayer to be insufficient.
Many judges surveyed admit to an insufficient understanding of accountancy to make appropriate decisions.
It's kind of a horrific case in that the lady was so seriously injured, but the requirements of the law for the purpose of proof for that offense are insufficient on the area of proving knowledge of the nature of the dog and the conduct of (the dog owner) at the time,'' Deputy District Attorney Robert Foltz said.
Company claimed that outside eating facilities were insufficient, and that employees would not be able to eat lunch at an outside facility within the 30-minute lunch period.
Insufficient duration of study -- Though glucosamine and chondroitin may provide relief in a few weeks, the maximal effects are not seen until 5 months or more, rendering all shorter studies in question.
9, rejected Guzman's claims of insufficient evidence, errors in jury instructions and ineffective assistance of trial counsel.
25, 2006, there is insufficient time to evaluate the issues presented in the contest.

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