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To pour in drop by drop.

in′stil·la′tion (ĭn′stə-lā′shən) n.


(ĭn″stĭl-ā′shŭn) [L. in, into, + stillare, to drop]
Slowly pouring or dropping a liquid into a cavity or onto a surface.
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One of the guiding principles instilled by my father and grandfather when they founded Ambassador was to always give back to the community that has supported us so well.
The end of the draft both narrowed the pool of people serving and professionalized the military; fewer people circulate through on the short tours of duty that once instilled both appreciation for and understanding of the military.
Long hours of practice already have instilled the sense of espirit de corps the team will need to succeed.
I'm pleased that they, and all employees of MCK, have instilled quality throughout our business.
Director Sabin Epstein has instilled within his outstanding ensemble a complete sense of confidence of purpose that makes the Bard's arbitrary and contradictory plot actually make sense.
The quality of our wafers and manufacturing process is deeply instilled into the company.
My mom and dad instilled a lot of Christian values in me at an early age,'' Carroll said.
The Red Cross is stronger for the strategic thinking that Matt instilled in this organization," Healy said.
Ted Williams, considered by many to be baseball's greatest hitter, instilled fear in every pitcher he faced.