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To pour in drop by drop.

in′stil·la′tion (ĭn′stə-lā′shən) n.


(ĭn″stĭl-ā′shŭn) [L. in, into, + stillare, to drop]
Slowly pouring or dropping a liquid into a cavity or onto a surface.
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One aspect of Internet shopping gaining more popularity is online auctions, according to Instil, and the increasing range of goods and services offered for auction is further widening their appeal.
Finally, Instil is urging traditional retailers to establish an online presence and maximise the strength of their existing brands.
AuctionServe is offered both as a turnkey product, with Instil deploying, hosting and maintaining the system for the customer, or it can be purchased as a fully configured system.
Instil hosts the auctions from co-location facilities provided by its internet service providers including UUNet Inc and, primarily Planet Online, the ISP behind Freeserve.
Simple re-branding comes as a part of the 4500 pounds ($7,362) setup fee, but any extensive site redesigning must be executed by Instil XML engineers for an additional fee.