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An apparatus for evaporating fluids.
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Tenders are invited for supply and installation of Abbes Refractometer, Conductivity meter, Double distillation apparatus for distilled water (water still), Fume Hood, Electronic Balance, Portable top loading precision balance, Centrifuge Andrology Lab, Potentiometer (Digital), High speed autoclave, ETO Sterilizer, Flash autoclave for RIO, Electronic microbalance with antivibration table and calibration weight, Dialysis Consumables, Polygraph with 16 channel, Perimeter - Priestly Smith (with adjustable & rotatable arch), Electrophoresis apparatus, Inspissator, Tissue Processor, Endoscopic Image capturing system, High resolution Esophageal Manometry, ERCP Accessories, Digital copier with printer & Scanner-duplex A4,C02 Laser
Tender are invited for Supply of items for Department of Microbiology-Serum inspissators, Inspissator Tank Lovibond comparators
Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of Inspissator (one), Cooling Centrifuge(one), Distilled Water Plant(one), walk in cold room (one), Autoclave (horizontal double door),Test tube and glassware washer(one), Hot Air Oven(one), Vortex Mixer (Five), DNA Vacuum Concentrator(One), Low volume (Nano) Spectrophotometer(one) and SITC of Negative Pressure Facility in BSL-II Room of Microbiology Laboratory at Desert Medicine Research Centre Jodhpur.