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v to draw information from a client—whether by verbal questioning or physical examination—to assess the person's state of health.
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Aware will provide demonstrations of INQUIRE and other software products in its booth at the Global Identity Summit, formerly known as the Biometrics Consortium Conference and Technology Expo, taking place September 16-18 in Tampa.
Charlie Geren, R-Fort Worth] says 'peace officers shall inquire as to the immigration status of any person under arrest on other grounds.
The subject of power is essentially male and carnivorous, says Derrida, and he inquires, "I would ask you: In our countries, who would stand any chance of becoming a chef d'Etat (a head of State) .
Inquire design runs on the SGI platform, and from the end of 1998 forward, also on Windows NT.
inquires Kevin Snow, public information specialist in the office of the city council, Mesa, Ariz.
Transmission: Male car shoppers were twice as likely to inquire about cars with manual transmissions as were female shoppers.
LAHORE -- Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Friday visited the Services Hospital to inquire after the health of the persons injured in Rasool Park tragedy.
COLUMBUS, Ohio, July 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Zaner-Bloser and Thoughtful Learning announced their partnership to deliver Inquire -a research-based, cross-curricular guide for 21st century learning-to the classroom.
Recruiters report that many who inquire, like the 37-year-old Love, are too old to enlist.
THE Jockey Club Disciplinary Committee will today inquire into the running and riding of the Ian Williams-trained Hors La Loi at Newcastle in November.
What, Weir and some of the other filmmakers seem to inquire, becomes of us when we peek in on the lives of others, when the small (and usually sordid) details of celebrities' or strangers' lives become the bread and butter of our conversations-or our lives?
Catlin, 43, walked over to inquire about the samples.