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 [ĭ-nok´u-lum] (pl. inoc´ula) (L.)
material used in inoculation.

inocula, innoculant

See inoculum.
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There are now complete upstream single-use systems where you can go from a three-liter plastic vessel to a 50-liter wave rocker for seed innoculant to a 50-liter bag bioreactor--so you can do your entire mixing, buffer preparation, media preparation and growth in single-uses systems today.
Protein preservation and ruminal degradation of ensiled forage treated with heat, formic acid, ammonia or microbial innoculant.
The present study was conducted to analyse the biodegradation rate of bagasse using Phanerochaete chrysosporium, Trichoderma viride and a mixed culture of Trichoderma viride and Phanerochaete chrysosporium as a fungal innoculant.
The obsessiveness with which Cape musicians imitated Western jazz and pop music and singers was simultaneously an obverse expression of and an excellent innoculant against the increasing obsessiveness of the Apartheid regime in the 1950s.
Third layer: One inch of soil serves as an innoculant by adding microorganisms to the heap.
The growing industrialization in livestock industry, unpredictable weather leading to more damaged crops and increased awareness among the farmers are the reasons driving the Asia-Pacific silage innoculants market.
It requires seed, soil mineralization, fertilization and biological innoculants to supply nutrient-dense food for beef.
These products will be sold internationally in conjunction with the Bio-Con Bi-Agra(TM) microbial innoculants.
Bio-Con manufactures and distributes products and application systems that use microbial innoculants and bio-rational fertilizers that restore balance to the soil and result in healthier crops.
Through his extensive network of business contacts, we expect Natura Ag to grow rapidly to take advantage of the large emerging market for microbial innoculants.
Included in the categories approved by the State are environmental clean up and remediation, water treatment, sewage treatment, soil conditioners and commercial animal manures, agricultural growth enhancers, seed and soil innoculants, dairy, poultry and beef manure processing, emergency response services, and microbial blends for odor and larval control, and use in meat processing areas.
The development of Bio-Con's new shelf stable liquid formulations will allow growers to put the innoculants directly into their irrigation systems providing an easy and inexpensive method of application.