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Beef innards such as liver, kidney, heart and intestines are widely used in Indonesian cuisine, but prime cut boneless meat accounts for a large part of US beef imports.
Cleaned and satisfied after a nonbeef lunch, Lutz told of the bovine innards, legs, udders and more.
Innovators say just as digital technology stores big collections on tiny hard drives, full sound images can come from simpler stereo systems with smarter digital innards.
The massive project has sought to both modernize the innards of the temple and restore aging artwork, tiling, glass and woodwork to a pristine state.
As a larva, the developing worm lodges itself inside a cricket and feasts on the insect's innards.
You stick your hands into the goopy depths of a pumpkin's innards just so you can have a decorative item that will be rotten in a few weeks
That picture of the innards of a betting shop was taken on Friday, March 8, 1963, and the winner of the first, Hamanet, ran sixth to Mill House in that year's Hennessy, with Arkle third.
On Tuesday they play Wolverhampton Civic Hall, a smaller venue than normal, but all the better to have your innards massaged by the massive bass which has become their trademark.
I saw severed pig, chicken, and cow heads along with their innards displayed on the stands.
Officials feared that knives, drugs or booze could be hidden in the innards and smuggled on to the hospital wards.
He enjoys breaking down a problem to its component parts and carefully examining the innards.
The subtitle of the book is "Winning the Fight Against Imperialism," and the topic never stands a chance as he lays bare the very innards, the hypocrisy of the American empire and its inequities.