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A substance injected, as into the skin.

Patient discussion about injectant

Q. Why is insulin injected and not taken as a pill?

A. so if that's the case, why can't you use a patch (like a nicotine patch)? wouldn't that do the same trick?

Q. I received a corticosteroid injection in my left knne th A.M. Knee is all stiff & swollen. Is this normal?

A. actually you might have already had an arthritis in your knee before, then your doctor injected you with a corticosteroid into the affected joint. usually you will feel better (less pain) in your affected joint. if the symptoms don't improve then I suggest you to go see your specialist for further advise and treatment.

Q. My arm became limp after flu shot & have had pain in arm. Vaccine itself or improper injection? Any advice? I could not move my arm about 3 hours after the injection. It took about 3 days before I could raise my arm at all. It became painful to use and has bothered me for a couple of months. The doctor gave me a cortisone shot which helped some but not completely. He had never seen this reaction before. Is it a reaction to the vaccine or could it be the way it was injected? Is their anyone who has had or knows of a similar case?

A. I had a flu shot last October, and it was given to me directly on the backside (and up high) of my shoulder. I went to the gym after I received the shot, and now have two tears in my (torn) rotator cuff, with a perforation in my rotator cuff tendon. I think it may have been improperly given. Now I need to have surgery to repair it. Look up your symptoms on webmd, and surf the net. Talk to your doctor too. The only way to find out what is really going on with it is to have an MRI. A simple xray will not reveal a tear in the muscle or tendon in the rotator cuff. If you can't lift your arm, and have trouble sleeping at night, and pain on your deltoid and bicep (rotator cuff injury pain radiates to these areas) because of the pain, then chances are you have an injured rotator cuff. These people giving these immunizations need more training. They are causing serious injury to people that go in to get a shot to stay healthy, and then end up with a serious injury, and possible surgery !!! Goo

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Texas EOR Associates' Micro-Clustered Magnetized Water Treatment technology ionizes large macro-clustered oil field injection water molecules to form smaller water-molecule micro-clusters, less than one-quarter in size, which may better permeate and penetrate reservoir pore-space to deliver chemical injectants more effectively by making better contact with and sweeping more oil off of the target reservoir sands for potentially increased oil recovery.
GMT-l's pipeline bundle also includes a fourteen-inch pipeline to transport water--either seawater or produced reservoir water--for pressure maintenance along with two six-inch pipelines, one to carry natural gas from the Alpine field for pressure maintenance and a second to carry a miscible injectant, a mixture of natural gas liquids, for enhanced oil recovery.
Face a la banqueroute des decideurs locaux, responsables de cette deconfiture, l'Etat est venu a la rescousse du secteur, gere dans le cadre de la gestion deleguee, en injectant des fonds.
De son cote, le vice-directeur executif de la compagnie BG, Frank Chimpman, avait revele un plan BG visant a elargir ses activites dans le Delta en injectant de nouveaux investissements se chiffrant a 1,5 milliard USD.
The increase in injectant costs year over year is due mainly to Pengrowth's increased working interest at Swan Hills Unit No.
Internal Revenue Service 60 Federal Enhanced Oil Recovery Tax Credit 60 Advanced Energy Investment Tax Credit 60 CO2-Capture Tax Credit 61 Deduction for Qualified Tertiary Injectant Expenses 61 U.
There were similar numbers for the Miscible Injectant Expansion (MIX) and Northstar projects, which were the first projects building very large sealift modules in Alaska.
Et ce, en injectant de nouveaux capitaux et en mettant en place de nouveaux projets de telle sorte a soutenir l'economie egyptienne dans la phase a venir.
At June 30, 2005, the balance of unamortized injectant costs was $27 million.
Le document de l'institut d'emission rappelle, par ailleurs, que Bank Al Maghrib a augmente ses interventions sur le marche monetaire a travers les avances a 7 jours sur appel d'offres, en injectant un volume moyen de 35,1 milliards DH durant le mois de mars (representant 86,8% du montant demande par les banques), apres 32,7 milliards DH en fevrier 2012 et 26,3 milliards DH en janvier.