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Over the follow-up period, both the bilingual group and the monolingual-to-bilingual transition group showed more rapid inhibitory control development than the group of English-only speakers.
For instance, excess activity by excitatory neurons islinked to schizophrenia while too much inhibitory neuronal activity may contribute to depression.
The detection of the inhibitory effect has been described so far by measuring myosin ATPase activity in the presence of actin (Fig.
ACE inhibitory activity was determined using a fluorometric microtiter assay as described by Sentandreu and Toldra (2006) with some modifications.
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor: a regulator of innate immunity.
Minimum and maximum inhibitory effects of the alcoholic extract on staphylococcus aureus were at 10 and 80mg/ml consecutively and the inhibition zones for these concentrations were 8 and 19 mm consecutively.
Apparently, the difference between compounds 11 and 13 is the pos ition of hydroxyl groups which caus es a s harp decline in the ureas e inhibitory potential.
Specifically, it aimed to (1) know which bacteria is resistant and susceptible in Nicotine, (2) determine the significant difference of the inhibitory effect of Nicotine against E.
Come decline in a person's ability to exercise inhibitory control--an important brain function that allows people to suppress actions and resist interference from irrelevant stimuli--is normal with increasing age.
Different researchers found that the eucalyptus leachate had varying degree of inhibitory and stimulatory effects on germination percentage (Phlomina and Srivasuki, 1996) and plant growth considerably at higher concentration (Jayakumar et al.
Expression of inhibitory receptors on CD4+ and CD8+ t cells from healthy Colombian donors