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v. inher·ited, inher·iting, inher·its
Biology To receive (a characteristic) from a parent or ancestor by genetic transmission.

in·her′i·tor n.

Patient discussion about inherit

Q. Is Autism hereditary? My 3 year old son has been diagnosed with autism last year. I am now pregnant with my second child and am scared that he will too have autism.

A. There is a higher chance that your additional children will have autism too, however its not a given. Be more alert and notice any early signs that your child may develop.

Q. Is Leukemia hereditary? My Grandpa died of Leukemia when he was 50. I am worried that it might be hereditary. Is it?

A. Overall leukemia is not hereditary but there are rare reports of family clusters, that is, more than one case in a family. Therefore, you should consult your Doctor and tell him about your family's medical history.

Q. Is migraine hereditary? If both my parents suffer from migraines does it mean I can't avoid it?

A. Yes, migraines do have a very strong genetic correlation. However, it does not mean that if both your parents have it, you will have it too for 100%. It means only that you have a much higher risk than the regular population, that does not have migraines in their family, to suffer from this condition.

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Headscratcher: Since an heir inherits, you might expect heir to sound like the -her- in inherit.
The next Oregon AD will inherit a department that, unlike many of its Division I counterparts across the country, is not only in good financial condition but is entirely self-supporting.
If a child does not inherit the HD gene, he or she will not develop the disease and cannot pass it on.
But only 13% of men would want to inherit a ring to pass on to their wife.
If there are no children, the spouse inherits the first $200,000, plus one-half of any excess, and the balance passes to living parents or, if none, to any sibling.
Cost Segregation Consultants, a national service practice dedicated exclusively to identifying and securing tax savings for property owners through a new, complex and underutilized property classification technique, reminds those who have already inherited, or may soon inherit commercial and multifamily residential property, to take advantage of the benefits of a cost segregation analysis as soon as the estate is settled.
This has led scientists to believe that a person is susceptible to multiple sclerosis only if he or she inherits an unlucky combination of several genes.
If a mother cell divides symmetrically, many scientists theorized that the offspring inherit cellular components equally ravaged by the experiences of previous generations.
For example, if B inherits X stock from A, it is not necessary that B own the stock at her death to qualify for the credit.
Nearly everyone who inherits a susceptibility to FMEN1 will develop parathyroid overactivity (hyperparathyroidism) by age 60.