infrared spectrum

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in·fra·red spec·trum

the part of the invisible spectrum of wavelengths just longer than that of visible red light.
Synonym(s): thermal spectrum
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Since no sediment was created, elemental analysis and infrared spectrum of this combination's product was not measured.
And a recent infrared spectrum shows that it contains liquid ethane, probably mixed with methane and other hydrocarbons.
The Autosort will save on manual inspection, inspects carrots from top and bottom as well as crown to tail, and can do it in full colour and in the infrared spectrum.
If we plot absorbance or transmittance against frequency or wave number, the result is an infrared spectrum.
By varying the size of the quantum dots, the researchers tuned the particles to absorb different parts of the infrared spectrum.
The principle of operation says many gases absorb energy in the infrared spectrum.
The panels diffuse constantly fluctuating electromagnetic radiation across a wide infrared spectrum.
A University of Rochester scientist together with scientists at Moscow's State Pedagogical University have developed a superconducting device that can detect light in the 3 to 10 micrometers portion of the infrared spectrum.
Hubble also obtained an infrared spectrum that may yield signs of exotic, radioactive elements.
The Satake ScanMaster, model DE sorter, incorporates a unique detection capability that combines inspection in the visible spectrum as well as in the infrared spectrum in a true Bichromatic sort.

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