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Historian Medtalk A person who provides a medical history

Patient discussion about informant

Q. sex after giving birth My baby (Shelly) is three months now. Me and my husband tried having sex a couple of times since she was born, but the intercourse just hurts too much. Is this normal? I heard that sometimes when you get cuts during the birth they sew you too tight. Can it be the case? And if so, is this permanent or will it get better?

A. as long as the wound is already recovered, I think you can start the sexual activities. But again it depends on every person, I think scoote had given us a good example for that.
In case you still feel some discomfort and even hurt sensation down there, it is advisable to go see your doctor, just to check.

Meanwhile, enjoy your life and my greeting for baby Shelly..

Q. I want to know if somebody could give me some expert advice on what to eat for my meals. hello ……I'm trying to lose body fat but at the same time build some muscle within 4 months period. My hope is that when I've shredded all the fat off, I'll have something nice to show to everyone on my birthday. I'm 5'8 and I weigh 210 already. I dropped 3 pounds but I want to know if somebody could give me some expert advice on what to eat for my meals.

A. A good general program of dieting to lose 2lbs a week while lifting weights. Go with a high protein, low carbohydrate type diet. Workout 6 days a week alternating upper body one day lower body the next, take one day off. That’s it as simple as eating and as difficult as working hard. Cheers! and invite me for your birthday.

Q. plz give the information about alergy asthma asthma

A. what would you like to know?? I know much about allergic asthma...

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Although the ASCA standards do acknowledge parental rights and responsibilities for their children, the standards specifically require that a school counselor inform parents of the role of the counselor "with emphasis on the confidential nature of the counseling relationship between the counselor and counselee.
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The Inform platform precisely and automatically repurposes and re-circulates branded and Web-based content.
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Leveraging data from multiple sources such as student information systems, assessment systems and data warehouses, Pearson Inform captures, shares and reports on a variety of student and assessment information, including student demographics, grades, state tests, standardized tests, district tests and more.
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