inferior olive

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, pl.


(ō-lī'vă, -vē), [TA]
A smooth oval prominence of the ventrolateral surface of the medulla oblongata lateral to the pyramidal tract, corresponding to the inferior olivary nucleus.

inferior olive

A large ovoid nucleus in the hindbrain just caudal to the pons; in cross-section, the inferior olive appears wavy or serpentine. Inputs to the inferior olive include axons from the midbrain reticular formation via the central tegmental tract. Outputs of the inferior olive project to the contralateral cerebellar hemisphere via the olivocerebellar tract in the inferior cerebellar peduncle.
Synonym: inferior olivary complex; inferior olivary nucleus
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Multiunit recording of the cerebellar cortex, inferior olive, and fastigial nucleus during copulation in naive and sexually experienced male rats.
And they become tolerant to the alcohol, so that after three weeks of exposure, cells of the inferior olive no longer show increased activity.

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