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plication with proximal marginal fold induplicate, distal fold
induplicate, distal marginal folds induplicate and margin reduplicate.
marginal folds, one induplicate, the other reduplicate.
These features are associated with almost constant features such as a single cataphyll, coleoptile present or absent, entire eophyll, reduced axis, parallel or palmate venation, induplicate plication, epidermal cells rectangular or sometimes rhombohedral, major veins associated or not associated with ridges, phloem strands 1-3, and metaxylem vessels 1-2.
The features associated with this type are two or more cataphylls, coleoptile present, segmented eophyll, distinct axis, pinnate or palmate venation, proximal plication induplicate, distal plication induplicate, epidermal cells rectangular, major veins associated with ridges, phloem strands 1-2, and metaxylem 1-2.
Induplicate Folding of eophyll and later leaves in which the cross section of a fold is V-shaped.