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in·duc·tance (L),

The coefficient of electromagnetic induction; the unit of inductance is the henry.
[see induction]


/in·duc·tance/ (in-duk´tans) that property of a circuit whereby changing current generates an electromotive force (EMF) in the same or a neighboring circuit; the EMF is proportional to the rate of change of the current and inductance is quantitated as the ratio of these two.


The coefficient of electromagnetic induction; the unit of inductance is the henry.
See: induction


(L) (in-dŭk'tăns)
The coefficient of electromagnetic induction; the unit of inductance is the henry.
See: induction

Patient discussion about inductance

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The more overlap of opposite field lines, the less the number of field lines and the lower the loop inductance.
In an attempt to reduce the inductance of that trace connection, I widened those traces from 5 mils to 20 mils.
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It is necessary to determine the minimum inductance necessary to support the output current of the Buck converter so that the load is supported under worst-case conditions of output voltage and input current.
To assess lung function, the researchers used a technique called inductance plethysmography, in which electrically charged wire coils are placed around the infant's chest and abdomen.
The key physical characteristic to determining the equivalent series inductance (ESL) of a capacitor is the size of the current loop it creates.
Introduces First-to-Market High Vibration Screw Terminal Capacitors, Extends Low Inductance Lines
In paper method improved frekvency analysis is used to identify variable inductance which is dependent on the current.