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Having insufficient income to pay for medical care or other living necessities.
[L. indigentia, want or need]
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Under HB 5717, an indigent job applicant shall be entitled to a twenty percent (20%) discount on fees charged by government agencies in processing the following documents: a) Barangay Clearance; b) Clearance from the National Bureau of Investigation; c) Clearance from the Regional Philippine National Police Office where the indigent applicant resides; d) Medical certificate from the Department of Health; e) Certificates of Marriage and/or birth from the National Statistics Office or the local Civil Registry (LCR); and f) Certificate of Birth of the indigent applicant's one (1) dependent from the NSO or LCR.
Unfortunately, the reality is that the right to counsel is not uniformly implemented for indigent defendants, those who cannot afford to hire a private attorney.
If attorneys for the indigent are to be paid at all, they must be compensated by someone other than their clients.
But the governor's idea seems destined to barely keep up with the quality of legal help given indigent clients now.
The Supreme Court subsequently extended the Sixth Amendment right to counsel to include effective assistance during all critical stages of the proceedings against indigent criminal defendants.
The five-year vision is focused on increasing the quality of life and well being of the Indigent patient, by enhancing the use of technology to manage the patient's activity within the Orange County health care system.
Wainwright held that indigent defendants have a constitutional right to legal representation in state felony prosecutions.
Executives and professionals who supervise or fund medical care for the uninsured, the poor and the underserved will benefit from the new monthly newsletter Indigent Care Success, according to its publisher, Leslie C.
A lawmaker has filed a bill giving free medicine to poor and indigent families while undergoing medical treatment in government hospitals.
Funeral homes have the option of turning down funerals for indigents, but often funeral directors don't know someone's financial status until after a body has already been picked up.