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Having insufficient income to pay for medical care or other living necessities.
[L. indigentia, want or need]
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Miraflores said the ID system will be provided for Aklanon indigents who are on the list of the National Household Targeting System (NHTS) which will be used when these people seek consultation and treatment at the Dr.
Our group is pushing a universal social pension because the targeted ones were indigents If we look at it, more than 50 percent of the population don't have pension at all so the need is there,' the DOF quoted Cose project coordinator Aura Sevilla as saying.
The year after The Other Face of Justice, the NIJ released another report called Cost of Providing Defense Services for Indigents Accused in Ohio.
If states opt out of Medicaid in order to create a bare-bones indigent care system that only pays for the cost of acute care for indigents in compliance with EMTALA, the savings realized ($68.
1975)) ("The court has the inherent power to appoint lawyers to represent indigents, and the duty of the lawyer to serve is both traditional and specific.
First, public defender organizations are staffed by government attorneys who represent virtually all of the indigents in the jurisdiction.
The Supreme Court of Idaho has interpreted that the Medical Indigency Act's legislative purpose has two components: "to provide indigents with medical care and to allow hospitals to obtain compensation for services rendered to indigents.
Currently, Massachusetts has about 250 staff lawyers, enough for only 10 percent of the caseload involving indigents.
1995) (holding that insuring indigents a right to counsel is a function of the State of Arkansas and not a county obligation).
Although the Court's mandates to provide counsel to indigents charged with felonies and misdemeanors led to a rapid increase in criminal defense work, the Court provided no guidance or models for organizing or funding the states' indigent criminal defense systems.
Lott said some cities, such as Glendale, have developed innovative programs giving hotel vouchers to indigents who are released from the hospital.
94) Instead, the court remanded the case with instructions for the trial court to apply a "rebuttable presumption that indigents are not receiving assistance of counsel sufficiently effective to meet constitutionally required standards.