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Having insufficient income to pay for medical care or other living necessities.
[L. indigentia, want or need]
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The number of sponsored persons in Somalia is around 10,000, including orphans, indigent families, people with special needs, students, teachers, preachers, Imams and others.
And several justices expressed doubt that the county had the right to set court fees to cover administrative expenses in the case of indigent petitioners.
Second, pursuant to state legislation enacted in 2009, the court system implemented nationally recognized caseload limits for indigent defense providers in New York City.
But it was the advent of Social Security and federal welfare programs, along with the opening of the Belmont Home for the Indigent in 1956, that caused the Brookside Home to cease operations.
s dedication to pro bono work on behalf of indigent clients serves as a model to law firms across the Northern Virginia and we are grateful for their commitment to access to justice for all individuals.
address the indigent defense funding crisis, (8) it is important to
If attorneys for the indigent are to be paid at all, they must be compensated by someone other than their clients.
Benjamin Reiss of Greenberg Traurig and one of the EEJI's Pro Bono Award recipients and former assistant public defender in the 20th Circuit, welcomed the honorees by discussing the professional and personal fulfillment that he has experienced doing pro bono indigent defense work.
People who come here are usually indigent, homeless--people who have very low income, and pets mean a lot to them.
Although the Court's mandates to provide counsel to indigents charged with felonies and misdemeanors led to a rapid increase in criminal defense work, the Court provided no guidance or models for organizing or funding the states' indigent criminal defense systems.
Statewide, the proposed budget would reduce adult outpatient mental health funding by 90 percent, eliminating services for 5,850 indigent adults.

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