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Q. how can i know my body mass index? how do they calculate it.thank you. this is bse i have a problem with my weight and the right diet to take.i wana have some tips on that bse its too much for year.

A. BMI is a simple method to have an estimation of your body weight. because just measuring weight is not enough because it differentiate between people due to their hight. a 5 footer does not have normal weight as a 6 footer...
here is a link to the WHO site that explains how to calculate it and what the results mean:

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The indexes are compiled in real-time and distributed on major financial wires by Dow Jones Indexes.
It is a method of determining an inflation index used in computing LIFO inventories with reference to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Producer Price Index (PPI) or Consumer Price Index (CPI), rather than internally generated indexes.
It became apparent that for a given density and hardness a combination of low TDI indexes and high polymer solids was desirable for obtaining improvements in durability.
We launched the Dow Jones Wilshire Global Real Estate Indexes earlier this year to meet this demand, particularly as more institutional and individual investors seek exposure to REITs and real estate operating companies outside the U.
Currently, manufacturers that use the PPI must convert the selected indexes into cost indexes.
Diffusion indexes of IP for spans of one, three, and six months are available for the period beginning July 1967.
indexes was created more than 20 years ago to support the company's core business of understanding and evaluating investment managers.
For its 1982 benchmark indexes of office and computing machines, the Census Bureau adopted the price deflator that the Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) and the IBM Corporation developed jointly.
Where most indexes have some correlation to broad stock market activity, each regional or market-type index has its unique features.
The launch of the Baltic indexes marks another milestone in the creation of a truly integrated Nordic and Baltic securities market.
The indexes are compiled in real time and distributed on major financial wires by Dow Jones Indexes.