incurred claims

incurred claims, the outstanding obligations of the insurer for dental services rendered to the insured.
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A standard methodology for property insurance exposure and its incurred claims databases, with the objective to improve catastrophe risk insurance supervision (such as ratemaking,
Severe weather and incurred claims have driven rates up for Homeowners' multi-peril, medical cost inflration has affected the severity of claims in Private Passenger Auto, and the rising prices of parts and labor have driven Auto Physical Damage rates up, which all benefit the top line.
As the increased cost from insuring underpriced groups works its way through incurred claims, the resulting earnings pressure will lead to higher prices for the block of business as a whole.
The premium allocation approach would include a liability for remaining coverage that represents the gross cash inflows not yet earned and is released in subsequent periods on the basis of the expected timing of incurred claims and benefits.
Net incurred claims for the period amounted to SAR 6,101 thousands against SAR 15,262 for the same period last year which is a decrease of 60 per cent.
The numerator in an MLR is the issuer's incurred claims and expenditures for activities that improve health care quality.
Offsetting these positive factors is the increasing trend in the overall incurred claims ratio, which can be ascribed mainly to the changing competition of the portfolio due to the growing motor business, AM Bes noted.
The data used to determine your mod is based on incurred claims amounts for three complete prior policy years (not calendar years, unless that happens to be how your policy year is), excluding the most recently expired year.
As to the second aspect, insurers have been, in effect, pushing into the future massive amounts of incurred claims costs.
A on, the UK's biggest insurance broker, says it knows of at least 19 fires in factories this year that incurred claims of at least 2m [pounds sterling] each.
At the inception of the program in 1996 total incurred claims yielded $845,970.
All insurance companies report the incurred claims (paid amounts on a claim plus reserves assigned to the claim by the insurance company adjuster) to the state rating bureau or NCCI.