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Otherwise, incrustations due to salt depositions might lead to complications.
Coating for heat exchangers, vessels and boilers: Applied coating on internal and external surface of tube bundles, vessels, tanks to prevents foulings and incrustation in the heat exchangers and enhances life of the same.
No wound that might have led to infection was found in monkeys 1 or 2, but a lesion with purulent incrustation was present on a toe tip on the right hind limb of monkey 3.
However, she insisted that "even though the lethargy caused by the incrustation of corruption through wasta is hard to overcome, the task is not impossible.
One of them is to close the surface porosity to prevent the deposition and incrustation of staining agents or microorganisms, like coatings or sealers do.
The 29cm-long reclining female figure carved by the so-called Schuster Master dates from around 2,400 BC, and still exhibits a thin layer of calcarous incrustation typical of Cycladic marble sculpture that has not been over-cleaned (Fig.
The first agreement envisages the testing of the polyelectrolyte hydrocarbon gel for seeds incrustation Gisinar in Iran.
THIS beautiful glass plaque is an example of a technique sometimes referred to as a cameo incrustation, but known more commonly as a sulphide.
The surface bows topographically outward, as if to meet the viewer with a meticulous incrustation of painted and found objects.
Hard water is undesirable, they lead to greater soap consumption, scaling of boilers, causing corrosion, incrustation of pipes, making food tasteless, etc.
Mr Hall, who runs the Meliden Road sub-post office incrustation, said: "Our members found this insane, absolutely outrageous.
Coquet's Angreacum / Carlyle bowls and hurricane from Vellum / Tortoise Incrustation from Juane de Chrome / Wild Roses from Andrea By Sadek