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See also Kaler, An Overview of Void and Voidable Title, 29 FUND CONCEPT 149, 156 (1997) (deed by incompetent person not under guardianship is not void, but merely voidable).
Figures 1-4 show the percentage distribution of agreement/disagreement with 95% confidence limits as to acceptance/refusal of referral between competent residents and relatives and staff members, respectively and between relatives of incompetent residents and staff members.
It is evident that females are higher on fear of success and fear of appearing incompetent as well.
A survey of 1,000 staff released today found incompetent, disinterested or dictatorial bosses were still commonplace.
The latest report of the advisory committee even mentions the suffering of family members as justification for terminating an incompetent patient's life.
The Act had several purposes, one of which was to restrict the ability of incompetent physicians to move from state to state without discovery of their previous damaging or incompetent performance.
The court must find the person who is allegedly incompetent lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to make or communicate responsible decisions concerning their care or financial affairs (Mozer & Chamberlin, 1985).
Venous insufficiency (venous stasis) ulcers develop when veins in the lower extremities develop incompetent valves.
Although Scott's refund claim was barred by the statute of limitations in IRC section 6511(a), Scott claimed the statutory period should be extended because he had been mentally incompetent from 1984 to 1990 due to alcoholism.
I think we should cite the Nica for sending us somebody who's obviously incompetent to answer questions,' said the senator.
The statement added that people of Baloch-Pashtoon province were going through a hellish torment for the last five years at the hands of most incompetent and corrupt government led by Raisani.
Sheriff Deirdre MacNeill QC said the robbery was "one of the most incredibly inept and incompetent I have ever come across" and warned him to expect a jail sentence.