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n the return in money from one's business, practice, or capital invested; gains, profit.
income tax,
n a tax upon an adjusted gross income (individual or corporate) imposed as a major source of governmental revenue at the state and federal levels.


financial return from a project or for help provided.

income elasticity
see demand elasticity.
net income
gross income less costs.
income over feed cost
a rough indicator of the profitability of an animal enterprise based principally on fattening of young livestock, e.g. in a feedlot. The fixed costs are the depreciation on the installation and labor, the variable costs are the price of cattle and the feed.
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There are many checklists for optimizing the income tax aspects of a business purchase.
Americans for Fair Taxation has proposed using the sales tax to replace both the income tax and the payroll taxes.
Some 80 percent of personal and corporate income tax revenues came from the top 1 percent or so.
Both alternative tax systems assume the federal income tax on business income is antiquated and beyond repair.
federal income tax purposes, the source of the distributions made by the Trust during 2005 were the result of distributions that it received on instruments from one or more other Canadian corporations of which it owns all of the stock.
Massachusetts: The state supreme judicial court overruled a regulation that had historically required companies delivering in private vehicles to file net income tax returns; see Nat'l Private Truck Council, Inc.
According to income tax slabs and rates proposed by the senators, when taxable income does not exceed Rs 300,000 there would be no tax or income up to Rs 300,000 would remain exempted from the income tax.
If a contribution to a 529 plan provides state income tax savings, then the client receives an immediate return on investment equal to that savings divided by the investment net of the state income tax savings.
Abandon draft legislation in respect of Foreign Investment Entities and Non-Resident Trusts; if perceived abuses of the Income Tax Act cannot be addressed by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) under the current provisions of the Income Tax Act, adopt narrower, more targeted remedies than this draconian legislation.
The income tax situation of an individual debtor after filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 is driven in large part by Internal Revenue Code Sec.
If we should all have learned one thing from California's state budget crisis, it is that we should not depend on the income tax to fund permanent new spending.
Reformed income tax--This would simplify the individual income tax by repealing the alternative minimum tax (AMT), consolidating and simplifying savings incentives, eliminating phase-ins and phase-outs and retaining only two filing statuses and rate schedules.