earnings report

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earnings report,

n a statement issued by a company showing its earnings or losses over a given period. The earnings report lists the income earned, expenses, and net result. Also called
income statement.
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The final step in creating Bob's Contribution Margin Income Statement is to add in the fixed costs.
Without the APIC pool, the tax-adjusted difference would be an additional income statement expense.
The following examples illustrate Part I's reconciliation process and demonstrate how line 11 reflects the consolidated income statement net income (loss) of all corporations included in a U.
It would require major changes to general ledger accounts to electronically (or manually) identify the income statement amounts of these items.
As you can see, use of the contribution income statement and CVP analysis are powerful tools since they allow you to understand the interrelationships among cost, volume and profit.
The income statement is simply a scorecard that summarizes the revenues and expenses of an organization for a specific period of time.
For example, Hasbro Corporation reported a $140 million non-recurring loss in its 1997 income statement.
To keep the investment on the balance sheet, rather than having losses flow through to the income statement, it is important that the status of the investment is not "impaired" by the exertion of undue control or influence over the dot-com's operations.
The income statement is multifaceted, so for the sake of keeping this interesting, let's use an imaginary company, Troy s Computer Supply Center, to illustrate the variables.
If I presented the income statement in Figure 1 without comparing the actual results to a budget or some other measure, this statement would be far less meaningful to a reader.
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