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n the return in money from one's business, practice, or capital invested; gains, profit.
income tax,
n a tax upon an adjusted gross income (individual or corporate) imposed as a major source of governmental revenue at the state and federal levels.


financial return from a project or for help provided.

income elasticity
see demand elasticity.
net income
gross income less costs.
income over feed cost
a rough indicator of the profitability of an animal enterprise based principally on fattening of young livestock, e.g. in a feedlot. The fixed costs are the depreciation on the installation and labor, the variable costs are the price of cattle and the feed.
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As Weisman makes clear in his excellent history of the income tax, this back-and-forth battle between Democrats and Republicans over income taxes is part of a debate that has held remarkably consistent over the years.
The hue and cry reached a crescendo in 1894, when Congress passed a new income tax: Any money earned over $4,000 was taxed at 2 percent.
The payor of investment income to a foreign investor is required to withhold U.
Thus, SPOCI is Subpart F income and falls in the shipping income basket under section 904.
On one-fourth of the returns, a combination of interest deductions and taxes paid to states and local governments was the most frequent reason for eliminating federal income taxes, the information shows.
In an income-cap trust, any income over the Medicaid limit (the "excess" income) is sheltered in a special-needs trust.
Thus, we expect that PMI companies are more likely than government-sponsored institutions (the FHA, the VA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac) to insure borrowers who have higher incomes, who are either white or Asian, and who are purchasing homes in higher-income neighborhoods or in neighborhoods with fewer minority residents.
Civil liberties abuses under the income tax regime are blatant and well documented.
The applicant must report his or her own income and the parents' income for the preceding calendar year (e.
As a tax-exempt entity, the trust won't pay income taxes on annual earnings.
The Clergy Housing Allowance Clarification Act applies only to housing allowances and parsonage allowances for federal income tax purposes.