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Not coherent; disjointed; confused; denoting a lack of connectedness or organization of parts during verbal expression.
[L. in- neg. + co-haereo, pp. -haesus, to cling together, fr. haereo, to stick]


Etymology: L, in, not, cohaere, to hold together
1 disordered; without logical connection; disjointed; lacking orderly continuity or relevance.
2 unable to express one's thoughts or ideas in an orderly, intelligible manner, usually as a result of emotional stress.


Not coherent or understandable.

coherent sources 

If light beams from two independent sources reach the same point in space, there is no fixed relationship between the phases of the two light beams and they will not combine to form interference effects. Such light waves are called incoherent. If, on the other hand, the two light beams are superimposed after reaching the same point by different paths but are both radiated from one point of a source, interference effects will be seen because the phase difference in the two beams is constant. The two virtual sources from which these two beams are apparently coming are called coherent sources and any rays in which there is a constant phase difference are called coherent rays. Prior to the advent of the laser, the only way in which one could obtain coherent rays was by dividing the light coming from a point source into two parts. See Young's experiment; holography; clinical maxwellian view system; optical coherence tomography.
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In this regard, they used a task with image versus sound paradigm, in which each word had one of the three types of relation with the image content: (1) coherent--control condition; (2)--incoherent--intracategory, supra ordinary violation; or (3) incoherent - violation among categories.
Histogram analysis of intravoxel incoherent motion for differentiating recurrent tumor from treatment effect in patients with glioblastoma: initial clinical experience.
would be logically incoherent as well as highly presumptuous for an
3) We use manifold optimization (Manopt) to solve the problem of optimization with orthogonal constraints, that is, (14), which aims to obtain better performance from incoherent dictionaries and sparse representation.
The interference fringes that we want to eliminate in our model originate from interference effects in the layer i between the waves reflected from the top and the bottom interface (i2) of the incoherent layer (Figure 1).
Berliner's Hollywood Incoherent does not provide the broadest and most comprehensive estimation of the films of the 1970s, but it does offer one of the most revelatory.
The True Character of our Knowledge: Implicit, Incomplete, Incoherent, Inconsistent
The Matrix Reloaded is a 1970s concept album: sprawling, pretentious, and ultimately incoherent, but brimming with ideas and virtuoso displays.
Canada's contribution was Back to God's Country (1919), a ludicrously bad, almost incoherent melodrama that has two minor distinctions: one, it features the first full-frontal female nudity of a "star" in the history of cinema, coming long before Hedy Lamarr's more famous nude swim in Ecstasy (1933); and two, it's by far the highest-grossing Canadian film made during the silent era.
But even trite dialogue can be revealing, and it was while listening to Open Range director and star Kevin Costner mumbling incoherent platitudes that it all clicked for me.
When this framework is understood, it no longer is an incoherent collection of rational and irrational acts, but rather a condensed expressions of base beliefs concerning life, good and evil, and etiology of illness.
A5) through (A7) of Appendix A, it is found that in accordance with the principle of interference these waves cannot interfere with one another (2) so that the effective energy flow is composed of mutually incoherent components m the forward and reverse directions.