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Not coherent; disjointed; confused; denoting a lack of connectedness or organization of parts during verbal expression.
[L. in- neg. + co-haereo, pp. -haesus, to cling together, fr. haereo, to stick]


Etymology: L, in, not, cohaere, to hold together
1 disordered; without logical connection; disjointed; lacking orderly continuity or relevance.
2 unable to express one's thoughts or ideas in an orderly, intelligible manner, usually as a result of emotional stress.


Not coherent or understandable.

coherent sources 

If light beams from two independent sources reach the same point in space, there is no fixed relationship between the phases of the two light beams and they will not combine to form interference effects. Such light waves are called incoherent. If, on the other hand, the two light beams are superimposed after reaching the same point by different paths but are both radiated from one point of a source, interference effects will be seen because the phase difference in the two beams is constant. The two virtual sources from which these two beams are apparently coming are called coherent sources and any rays in which there is a constant phase difference are called coherent rays. Prior to the advent of the laser, the only way in which one could obtain coherent rays was by dividing the light coming from a point source into two parts. See Young's experiment; holography; clinical maxwellian view system; optical coherence tomography.
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Kingsblood Royal explores how the fundamental incoherency at work in the racist policies and practices of mid-century America is the demand that African Americans contribute as citizens but have no right to what citizens are due.
The presumption arises from a lack of understanding of the exigencies of occupations, the strategies and theories of insurgencies, and the way incoherency in the law influences departures from well-established legal principles of armed conflict and traditional notions of morality, all of which this Article seeks to explain.
City's schoolchildren or the incoherency of the system that
Padhila answers the real time incoherency of this event as filmed by Brazilian television with a captivating series of camera angles and shots, in addition to near film still slow motion in an effort to graphically depict the murderer of Geisha, Officer Marcelo, as much in the act as visually possible.
Again, there appears to be cross wires and incoherency, and I have to ask myself whether Merseyside lacks a sense of realism.
Such futurity contributes to the incoherency of resource flows and makes calculation of a meaningful cost ratio attributable to PA alone a daunting, if not impossible, task (Prosser et al.
54) Yet despite the detail and length of Colonna's description, its vacillation between the woman and her contingent ornaments produces incoherency for the reader.
experience of federal and state antitrust enforcement highlights the importance of institutions, politics and culture in determining the coherency or incoherency of policy and enforcement where there will be multiple actors.
And the reader must credit his tenacity in the second half of the essay as he tackles issues of counterpoint in harmonic determination, tonal incoherency, and tonality in power chords.
Reviewing my notes and a transcript of his remarks, I'm struck by his incoherency.