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In reference to the data on tooth size of the Mapuche population sample, the average value is lower, both in the sum of incisors and the upper and lower canines and premolars, compared to the non-Mapuche population.
022-inch stainless steel archwire with 7-mm-long power hooks (Ortho Organizers, CA, USA) placed distal to the lateral incisors.
On the other hand, the axial inclination of lower incisors to the mandibular plane (L1-MP) and the distance of the mandibular incisors (L1-MP) presented significant increase to the mandibular plane.
The study conducted here in de,Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore has revealed a remarkably high frequency of peg shaped lateral incisor associated with BDC i.
Therefore, it was decided to perform camouflage treatment, which consisted of the extraction of one lower incisor and mesialization of the lower right canine and premolar to the extraction space.
Mandibular transpositions have been reported to only involve incisors and canines (11, 12).
Prevalence of Molar Incisor Hypomineral- ization (MIH)
Although it is conjectural, it is possible that healing of the lateral incisor may have occurred without treatment.
It has been speculated that odontogenic tumors are associated with development of mandibular permanent incisors because they appear at an early age (Tetens et al.
For both males and females, the lateral incisors were in Golden percentage and the values were slightly closer to the suggested percentage in comparison to the cast analysis.
Uncontrolled incisor flaring could result in a rapid correction of the overjet, which would minimize the orthopaedic effects of the appliance on the maxilla and mandible.