incentive plan

incentive plan,

n a plan whereby the insurer pays an increasing share of the claim cost provided the covered individual visits the dental professional as stipulated during each incentive period (usually a year) and receives the prescribed treatment.
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Consumer good company Fiskars Oyj Abp (HEL:FSKRS) announced on Wednesday that its board of directors, on 14 March 2018, has decided on a directed share issue without consideration based on Fiskars' Long-term Incentive Plan 2015 - 2019 in order to pay the share rewards for the performance period 2015 - 2017.
Vaisala Oyj (HEL:VAIAS), a provider of environmental and industrial measurement technology and services, reported on Monday the conveyance without consideration of a total of 49,046 of its treasury shares to the 28 key employees participating in the share-based incentive plan 2015 and restricted share-based incentive plan 2016 under the terms and conditions of the plans.
Management could share PS600million, with chief executive Jeff Fairburn in line for PS100m, under the incentive plan.
com)-- Equilar and The Center On Executive Compensation are proud to announce the launch of the Incentive Plan Analytics Calculator (IPACSM).
Tenders are invited for Provide pay structure and incentive plan consulting services by jointly executing with university a two phase initiative as follows: Phase One(Pay Structures): review pay plans for stateside exempt and overseas staff, and propose a pay program that will result in alignment and parity between similar staff positions across divisions.
To promote job satisfaction and ultimately decrease turnover, an APRN incentive plan based on productivity and quality was formulated.
Therefore, an innovative incentive plan for APRNs was created that incorporated both productivity and quality metrics.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-December 31, 2014-Daqo New Energy adopts 2014 share incentive plan
Short-term incentive plan performance measures shifted to profit and cash flow from capital efficiency;
But he will still be eligible for a possibly substantial bonus as part of the Network Rail (NR) long-term incentive plan.
When an employee "works the system" and increases his or her reward from an incentive plan at the expense of the firm, the employee has taken advantage of the manipulability of the incentive plan.

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