inactivated viruses

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inactivated viruses

Commercially-prepared vaccines against various virus infections. Vaccines include those against hepatitis A, (marketed as Avamix, Epaxal, Havrix Monodose and Vaqta Paediatric); hepatitis A and B (Twinrix); hepatitis A and TYPHOID (Hepatyrix and Viatim); and RABIES (Rabipur).


rendered inactive; the activity is destroyed.

inactivated viruses
treated so that they are no longer able to produce evidence of growth or damaging effect on tissue. Inactivation may be by physical means including heat, ultraviolet light, ultrasonic vibration, or by chemical treatment. Used in inactivated viral vaccines.
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Most current vaccines are produced from live inactivated viruses.
The clinical trials in these instances used inactivated viruses as vectors to shuffle genes into patients' cells.
However, even inactivated viruses pose certain risks.