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adj a term that describes personal, mechanical, or electronic services that are located in the building where they are used, instead of being located remotely.
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Regardless of the size of the law firm or type of practice, formally designating an attorney (or team of attorneys) to serve as in-house counsel benefits the firm and its clients.
a) In-house Gardonville Cooperative Telephone Association (Brandon, Minn.
In some respects, the virtual office environment may work to isolate the in-house counsel from her clients.
Best Local Corporate In-house Legal TeamDubai International Capital
In fact, in a swipe at marketing, one in-house respondent declared: "Law firms spend too much time on their marketing materials, which frankly I don't spend a lot of time looking at.
The Durst Organization was represented in-house by Thomas Bow and John Grotto; Jim DeLuca of Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.
In-house design, internal/external grinding, and EDM.
NATIONAL FINALISTS: PIC / In-house Case IH / Cygnus Business Media
The exception for in-house advice raises the question of how to define the term "employer.
However, outsourcing can still deliver value to companies that enter into outsourcing for the right reasons: using a right model (such as centralize-standardize-outsource, transform-operate-transfer), commodities outsourcing, risk transfer and shifting fixed costs to variable, and have superb talent in-house to manage these deals from inception to execution.
Some firms are concerned about losing the efficiency that develops when the same in-house staff members service a client from year to year or about BPO employees' level of training.
Full in-house localization is not a suitable option for everyone, however.