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v. im·printed, im·printing, im·prints
1. To produce (a mark or pattern) on a surface by pressure.
2. To produce a mark on (a surface) by pressure.
3. To cause (a very young animal) to recognize and be attracted to another animal or to an object identified as the parent. Often used with on.
4. To modify (a gene) chemically, as by DNA methylation, affecting the gene's expression in offspring.
To become imprinted on another animal or on an object identified as the parent. Used of newborn or very young animals. Often used with on: lab animals that imprint on researchers.
n. (ĭm′prĭnt′)
A chemical modification of a gene affecting the gene's expression in offspring.


(im-print', im'print) [L. imprimere, to press into]
1. To leave a pressure mark on an object.
2. To guide or restrict the development or expression of a genetic, behavioral, or personal characteristic. imprint (im'print) ; imprinting

biopsy imprint

Touch preparation.

genomic imprint

The inactivation of a gene by its allele.
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The selective sorption abilities of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) are remarkable by the virtue of their procedure of synthesis [5 6].
The lower percentage of repetitive elements in imprinted regions makes them valuable in biological-based access of the different expression of imprinted genes.
Amount of IN absorbed in the imprinted PVA films (in terms of absorbed IN amount (g) reported to 1g of xerogel is plotted in Fig.
Apparel, accessories, imprinted items, printing services, promotional items, novelties
The imprinted species was preferentially retained while the other was eluted.
Molecularly Imprinted Sensors in Analytical Chemistry addresses the most recent advances and challenges relating to molecularly imprinted polymer sensors, and is the only book to compile this information in a single source.
Keywords: Chiral separation Molecularly imprinted polymer Membrane Phenylalanine Rejection Separation.
Similarly imprinted filter materials could be used to remove other molecules that "we literally don't want to have in the product," says Marquez.
InkHead Promotional Products Announces the Crucial Turnaround Times for Schools Obtaining Imprinted School Spirit Items as Well as Sponsorship
While a mammalian embryo inherits similar sets of genes from its mom and dad, certain genes are imprinted.