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im·preg·nate (m-prgnt)
1. To make pregnant; to cause to conceive; inseminate.
2. To fertilize an ovum.
3. To fill throughout; saturate.

impreg·nation n.
im·pregnator n.

Etymology: L, impregnare, to make pregnant
1 to inseminate and make pregnant; to fertilize.
2 to saturate or mix with another substance. impregnable, adj., impregnation n.

im·preg·nate (im-preg'nāt),
1. To fecundate or fertilize an oocyte; to cause to conceive.
See also: saturate.
2. To diffuse or permeate with another substance.
See also: saturate.
[L. im-, in, + praegnans, with child]

im·preg·nate (im-preg'nāt)
1. To fertilize or fecundate; to cause to conceive.
2. To permeate or saturate with another substance.
See also: saturate
[L. im-, in, + praegnans, with child]

im·preg·nate (im-preg'nāt)
1. To diffuse or permeate with another substance.
2. To fecundate or fertilize an oocyte; to cause to conceive.
[L. im-, in, + praegnans, with child]

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According to Gurtong's website, "a new customary law that was amended this year by the State Legislative Assembly dictates that any young man who impregnates a girl will be sentenced to ten years in prison besides being fined 3,00 Sudanese Pounds and three cows.
Explains Nagelle, "For flat-surface decoration such as snowboards, the design is first printed on paper, and then a hot press impregnates the paper design into the substrate.
A third layer of material overlaps the second layer and the antiseptic solution impregnates the first layer of material for cleaning the injection site.
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