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adj inferred; conceded.
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The implied return can be computed by taking the earnings yield, which is the inverse of P/E ratio and adding the assumed long-term growth rate of earnings.
It comes from the First Circuit, and the precise questions presented are: whether the implied certification theory of legal falsity under the FCAapplied by the First Circuit below but recently rejected by the Seventh Circuitis viable; and if so, whether a government contractors reimbursement claim can be legally false under the implied certification theory if the provider failed to comply with a statute, regulation, or contractual provision that does not state that it is a condition of payment, as held by the First, Fourth, and D.
It begins by tracing the origins of implied terms in English law, then discusses the theoretical context of implication of terms.
Lanser wrote, "few terms have stirred narratologists to so much vexation--and passion--as implied authorship" (153).
Roger Price in discussing the implied warranty of habitability provides a cogent review of the cases (The Implied Warranty of Habitability: A Critical Review, February 2010 IBJ).
In 1993, the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) was the first exchange to introduce an implied volatility index, called the VIX.
This essay will start with a discussion of this Eastern context, then go on to explore the functioning in this context of three specific concepts or aspects of Booth's The Rhetoric of Fiction: (1) the implied author, (2) (un)reliability, and (3) narrative distance.
Less often considered are implied warranties, which may also attach automatically, without a writing, and accompany the purchase of certain items.
An employment contract can be implied in fact when the employee has enjoyed longevity at the company and the employer has, over the course of many years, made statements or undertaken acts that suggest the employee will only be terminated for cause.
2036(a)(1) turns solely on whether there was an express or implied agreement that S would retain de facto control and/or enjoyment of the transferred assets.
Gift, 1985, "Dispersion of Financial Analysts Earnings Forecasts and the Option Model Implied Standard Deviations of Stock Returns", Journal of Finance, 40:1353-1365
There is not the relativity implied in the English usage of the word, justice.