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Infections with such pathogens may "prime the immune response" and increase immunosurveillance against TAA-producing cancer cells, say Jacqueline et al.
While the role played by these cells remains unclear, two hypotheses have been proposed: either a source of nourishment or the immunosurveillance of the alimentary tract (Cima et al.
2013) Cutaneous immunosurveillance and regulation of inflammation by group 2 innate lymphoid cells.
I will discuss the importance of the host's ability to mount an effective immune response, maintain immunosurveillance, and reduce pro-inflammatory cytokine production for the long-term health of the patient.
PTX3 facilitates the dysregulation of mitogenic signaling pathways, sustains cellular proliferation, angiogenesis, insensitivity to apoptosis, cancer cell invasion and migration, and tumor immunosurveillance escape.
Additionally, NK-cell mediated immunosurveillance following exercise was reported to be compromised by CMC serostatus irrespective of age.
Although some of the other cancer-related processes such as cancer immunosurveillance and apoptotic pathways are also targeted.
Therefore, this phase may feature a net immune inactivation due to the counter effects of immunosurveillance and immunosuppression.
The IARC working group evaluating benzene exposure concluded that there are two probable mechanisms of benzene-induced lymphomagenesis in humans, namely, immunosuppression leading to decreased immunosurveillance and chromosomal rearrangements (IARC 2012).
The most promising versatile first-in-class molecular targets predominantly consist of receptor tyrosine kinases and their downstream signal transduction kinases, although a number of other cancer-related processes such as DNA repair, cancer immunosurveillance and apoptotic pathways are also targeted.
It is well established that immunosurveillance by the innate and adaptive immune systems plays important roles in the prevention of cancer and in controlling cancer survival (Fridmann et al.