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Denoting or exhibiting immunoreaction.


exhibiting immunoreactivity.
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We previously showed that the immunoreactive Egr3 is specifically localized near MTOCs and on spindle during meiotic maturation of oocytes [2].
Because all conventional BNP immunoassays cross-react with proBNP (12), BNP measurements actually reflect the total concentration of both immunoreactive forms, the bioactive BNP and the intact prohormone, proBNP.
NF[kappa]B and RAGE immunoreactive endoneurial cells were more than 10 in each fascicule in 40% of patients with VN and endoneurial immunoreactivities to NF[kappa]B and RAGE were higher in VN patients than in AN and HNPP patients.
Photomicrograph showing chief cells, which are focally immunoreactive for tyrosine hydroxylase (original magnification X20).
This was also followed by the prevention of the inflammatory process in the aorta, in which the aorta of the NAT and PRO mice exhibited a lesser immunoreactive area for CD40L when compared to HL group (Table 2 and Figure 1).
The subjects who had negative HBeAg, a HBVDNA value of <2000 IU/mL and normal transaminases were classified as inactive carriers, the subjects who had positive HBeAg, increased HBVDNA levels and normal or near-normal transaminases were classified as immunotolerant patients and the subjects who had positive HBeAg, increased HBVDNA levels, increased transaminase levels and inflammation and fibrosis on biopsy were classified as immunoreactive patients (8).
Although IL-1[beta]- and BDNF-immunoreactive cells in cortex and hippocampus could not be found clearly at 3 h after KA administration, these cells were noted prominently at 24 h after KA administration and the number of immunoreactive cells was decreased by UR and RP pretreatment.
Our serologic analysis found 4 recent cases of HGA in Japan by using infected THP-1 and HL60 cells as antigens, and some P44 immunoreactive protein species of A.
maximus nervous system contains neurons and axons that are immunoreactive (IR) to both TPep and 5-HT antibodies.
Immunoreactive bands visualized by SuperSignal West Pico Chemiluminescent Substrate and detected by a Biospectrum Imagining System.
stagnalis, GABA immunoreactive (-ir) cells have been detected in all ganglia (Hatakeyama & Ito 2000).
5,8 Vimentin is the best indicator for differential diagnosis between these tumours; CA is not immunoreactive, while BCA and PLGA have positive immunoreactive profile.

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