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1. Capable of modifying or regulating one or more immune functions.
2. An immunologic adjustment, regulation, or potentiation.
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s (NASDAQ: RXDX) investigational new drug application (IND) for RXDX-106, a novel oral immunomodulatory agent and TYRO3, AXL, and MER (collectively, TAM) inhibitor, in patients with solid tumors, the company said.
Hansa Medical develops novel immunomodulatory enzymes for transplantation and acute autoimmune diseases.
Antineoplastic drugs supply and immunomodulatory therapy destined for Health Care Management Foundation Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.
sinensis has a potential to be used as immunomodulatory agent against coccidiosis in broiler chickens.
Cx611, given its multi-dimensional immunomodulatory properties, may have the potential to modulate and restore the deregulated immune response in patients with severe community-acquired pneumonia.
Certain substances form plant and animal origin possess immunomodulatory properties and stimulate the immune response against pathogens.
The study was undertaken to carry out the immunomodulatory activity of aqueous extract of CP.
To address some of these issues, the authors of the current study undertook a pilot scale human clinical trial involving 10 healthy subjects orally dosed once a day for one month with a standardised echinacea extract syrup which has previously demonstrated immunomodulatory activity both in vitro and in vivo in mice and humans.
The immunomodulatory and cytotxic effects of the MLs will discussed within the context of their potential binding partners.
Our findings suggest that women with MS should be encouraged to breastfeed exclusively for at least the first 2 months post partum in lieu of starting immunomodulatory treatment shortly after delivery," the investigators said.
Oral dimethylfumarate (BG-12) has immunomodulatory and neuroprotective effects by activation of NrF2 leading to antioxidant properties.