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More accurate histopathologic evaluation is possible with periodic acid-Schiff stain, immunofluorescent microscopy with calcofluor stain, or polymerase chain reaction, but these techniques are more expensive and less feasible in outpatient clinics.
Eight single-well immunofluorescent microscopy slides, on which oocysts were detected by water company sampling of the distribution system, were sent to the UK Cryptosporidium Reference Unit, Swansea, for typing.
39) Samples for immunofluorescent microscopy are placed in transport solution.
Tissue for immunofluorescent microscopy is snap-frozen, not fixed, and sectioned in a cryostat.
They also developed immunofluorescent microscopy to detect the oocysts and DNA analysis to characterize and type the oocysts.
The Anti-GFP antibody is also functional in ELISA, Immunohistochemistry and immunofluorescent microscopy.
Lesion smears on glass slides may also be used effectively for both electron microscopy and immunofluorescent microscopy examination (Figure 3C).
The PathoDx line of products consists of manual latex agglutination and immunofluorescent microscopy diagnostic tests, and accounted for approximately $2.