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Overlapping peptides spanning the entire amino acid sequence of antigen 5 from SRW were used to identify immunodominant and cryptic determinants in HLA-DQ6 and HLA-DQ8 tg mice (Chapoval et al.
Sequence analysis of the hypervariable regions of the 56 kDa immunodominant protein genes of Orientia tsutsugamushi strains in Malaysia.
Different serological assays like plate ELISA, dot blot, lateral flow formats have been attempted by several workers employing immunodominant antigens and have shown good promise in terms of sensitivity and specificity (either IgM or IgG or both) in patients infected with O.
The antigenic sites on the N protein of SARSCoV identified in these studies were limited to strong immunodominant antigenic sites because few antibodies in the sera from SARS patients recognized the less effective immunogenic determinants, which are usually obscured by the more numerous antibodies to stronger immunodominant determinants (26).
Immunodominant major outer membrane proteins of Ehrlichia chaffeensis are encoded by a polymorphic multigene family.
The large number of changes at immunodominant sites between the clade 2.
Clusters I, III, and IV define the immunodominant region on the Tg molecule, which is recognized by typical AITD sera (13).
Immunodominant epitopes on the NS1 protein of MVE and KUN viruses serve as targets for a blocking ELISA to detect virus-specific antibodies in sentinel animal serum.
Shared human T cell receptor V[beta] usage to immunodominant regions of myelin basic protein.
Using Genencor's proprietary I-mune(R) assay and platform, the scientists generated a variant of interferon-beta by changing an amino acid at a single position in the immunodominant CD4+ T cell epitope region of the protein.
We hypothesize that in 1918 many persons had second lifetime exposures to an immunodominant T-cell epitope that was conserved on an internal protein of the 1918 pandemic strain and a heterosubtypic other strain (e.