immersion lens

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im·mer·sion lens

a microscope objective constructed in such a manner that the lower lens may be moved downward into direct contact with a fluid that is placed on the object being examined; by using a fluid with a refractive index closely similar to that of glass, the loss of light is minimized.
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3 Lens design changes are truly revolutionizing SEM imaging capabilities, particularly immersion lens and snorkel lens designs.
TeraStor(TM) Corporation today announced an agreement with Yamaha Corporation, Shizuoka, Japan, to co-develop the flying optical head that incorporates the solid immersion lens (SIL), a critical component used in the Near Field Recording(TM) (NFR(TM)) disk drives developed by TeraStor.
PHOTO : The spectrometer shown above consists of an immersion lens and three electrostatic
will co-design and manufacture the flying optical heads that incorporate the solid immersion lens (SIL), a critical component of TeraStor's Near Field Recording drives.
Micrometer stage, Mounted on stainless steel slide mount,Oil immersion lens for student microscope Dropping bottles for stains (Plastic)
Solid Immersion Lens (SIL): The SIL is the optical element in the flying head that is closest to the recording media.