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unripe or not fully developed.


/im·ma·ture/ (im″ah-chldbomacr´) unripe or not fully developed.


(ĭm′ə-tyo͝or′, -cho͝or′, -to͝or′)
1. Not fully grown or developed: an immature plant.
2. Marked by or suggesting a lack of normal maturity: silly, immature behavior.
An immature animal; a juvenile.

im′ma·ture′ly adv.
im′ma·tur′i·ty, im′ma·ture′ness n.


unripe or not fully developed.

Patient discussion about immature

Q. is there proven cure for premature ejaculation

A. great answer F3_4U. Glad to see you on the site. How are you?

Q. how control premature ejuculation

A. There are medications that can help it, but they're prescription drugs so you may consult your doctor. Apart from that,, since in most cases there's no underlying medical problem that cause the premature ejaculation, you may consider consulting a sex therapist or mental health professional.

Q. what medication can i take for fremature ejaculation is there a over the counter med?or do i need to see a dr.?

A. I think it is right that anti depressants work, the question is how efficient it is, do you need to take it regularly on not and what are the side effects...

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Beadle hit out at Evans claiming he had 'acted immaturely and let his mates down'.
The WCSB contains a large, yet immaturely developed resource base offering coal bed methane, shallow tight sands and shale gas opportunities.
The 23-year, who has played eight Tests and 99 one-day internationals and who was one of Pakistan's successes in the one-day series win in India earlier this month, accepted he had acted immaturely as a captain and player.
He dealt with things very immaturely for a man of his years," said salesman David.
Quite rightly he points out that he has never been sent off and, while admitting that he may have behaved immaturely in the past, Savage proudly boasts this month in his new column in FourFourTwo magazine that he has grown up.
Jaco admits he acted immaturely by telling a listener to "piss off" and should not have sent the "intemperate" missives.
accidentally and immaturely, the 'generous, skeptical ethos of a
Congressman reacted harshly to Coparmex's critique of their performance, saying the organization had acted immaturely and that the survey had no methodological basis.
Misbehavior may occur because children are overwhelmed by these feelings, don't know how to express them, or express them immaturely (e.
Many of the smallholders harvested their prawns immaturely, namely when the prawns were only 2.
My sense of what happened is that the differences and long struggle between Ralph and Rosey were like two grade school kids acting somewhat immaturely in the schoolyard," says an Inquirer editor familiar with the dispute.